Slobodan B. M., ceramist retired from Belgrade, shared his story in which he said that by natural way in just 6 days he drop out a kidney stone, but also and the rest of the sand, therefore, cleaned the reins of the precipitate.


Below we quote his story and recipe:

“I’m out of kidney stone slightly larger than a grain of wheat in the following manner very simple:

100 ml lemon juice
100 ml of olive oil from pharmacies
100 ml of beer

All pour into a bottle and drink in the morning to 50 ml.

First Shake the bottle before use for six days moving stones and the sand for three to four days! Many I recommend this and it was successful.

Note: Take lemon juice squeezed from a lemon.

So, it does not hurt to try, because all the ingredients are natural and have no side effects, but it is our recommendation to pay attention to the size of the stone!

Stone does not exceed 15 mm because it can do more damage when ejecting the body.