The method is simple, cheap and fast, and relieves pain in the ear for a few minutes. It is suitable for both children and adults, and all you need sea salt, and clean socks

This is a great way of relieving unbearable pain of ear infections. The method is very simple and cheap. All you need are one and a half cup of coarse sea salt and pure white cotton socks. The procedure is as follows:

-Put Salt in a sock and tie them how salt is not leaked.
-Put the skillet on medium heat stove.
-Put A sock stuffed in the pan and heat gently. Be careful not to be too hot.
-Heating Takes about five minutes.
-Put A sock to the painful ear for a few minutes, you will feel relief.

This method is proven to help. The salt retains heat for minerals that are in it. In combination with a high body temperature helps to alleviate the pain until the body can not defend itself from infection. If an infection in the child, explaining that this is the magic of socks that will make me feel better.