Very useful thing you can do for your health by consuming lemon water before you eat breakfast.

This will help to eliminate harmful toxins.

It also will help you to enrich your body with important nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, iron,
potassium, protein, carbohydrates, pectin fiber and vitamins A, C and B complex.

Lemon is rich in ascrbic acid which has excellent antibacterial, anti fungal and antiviral properties.

This will boost your immune system and help to fight against infections, such as influenza and colds.

You can prepare hot water and drip fresh lemon in a cup of warm water and adding a little honey to taste and aroma.

Lemon water is a very powerful diuretic. You will urinate more often erupt and bacteria out of your urinary tract.
This will relieve the infection. In this manner, to regulate the pH level and impede the growth and spread of bad bacteria in the urinary tract.

So, start the day with a glass of warm lemon water!
This treatment was successful in the treatment of thyroid gland in the absence of iodine.