In order to have the perfect body you will to have a healthy diet and lifestyle and to exercise regularly. But many people are lazy to do that and they end up with having a big belly. And you cannot have the ‘perfect body’ and to look like a supermodel without doing all those things but you can sure lower your belly without needing to do all the things we mentioned above. With drinking one beverage you can lose a couple of centimeters in circumference and here is what you will need to prepare it:

-2 tablespoons honey little nutmeg
-2 tablespoons sour cream
-2 frozen bananas
-500 ml almond milk
-2 tablespoons butter almond or coconut oil

Here is how to prepare it:

In a blander put all the above mentioned ingredients and blend them for a couple of minutes. And after that pour the blended liquid into glasses and your drink is ready. Make sure you drink it while it is fresh.

Tip: You can use it as addition to breakfast and it can be your snack.