We spend a lot of time during our life in the bedroom, and that is why we should pay closer attention to making it much better environment so we can sleep in it. To be more specific, we need to make our bedrooms to be cancer-free, and that is really hard task to achieve. Many people are not aware of the possible dangers that are present in the bedroom.

You will need to improve some things into your bedroom that might be cancer-causing such as:

1. You should minimize the electrical devices because they can disrupt your sleeping.

2. You should purchase an air cleaner, but it should not contain ozone, and you should get the portable air cleaners that are with HEPA filtration.

3. You should replace or just cover your mattresses because that will give you much healthier environment because what can cause health problems if you do not do this is the fact that in most of the mattresses there is presence of flame retardants and chemicals that that mattresses have been sprayed with.

4. You should replace the pillow cases and the pillows with organic materials if of course, you can afford that.

5. You should remove any drapes or shades that have been or still are chemically treated, and to replace them with organic alternatives. Although they can’t be afforded by everyone so in that case you can use wood blinds.

6. You shouldn’t be wearing the same shoes in your bedroom and outside. You should buy two pairs – one for your home – one for outside.

7. You should remove or just replace the artificial clothes in your closet because after some time, the synthetic clothing can become really dangerous for the overall health. If you can, replace them with organic materials.

8. You should remove or just replace the artificial fabrics from your bedding, closet, and bedroom because for making the synthetic materials, thermoplastics is being used. If you can, replace them with organic materials.

9. You should remove MDF and particle board. To be more specific, throw your furniture away if it is made of particle board or contains MDF. Instead get glass or metal tables and desks, or find furniture made from solid wood because in softened and powdered woods there is formaldehyde which is really dangerous for the respiratory system.

10. Remove the faux fabric furniture with organic materials because the artificial ones actually contain the most dangerous fabric – PVC. Also the pillows and cushions resistant to water are actually sprayed with dangerous toxic chemicals that can lead to many health problems.

11. You shouldn’t use No-VOC paint, but you should instead use non-volatile organic compounds that will help in making your environment much healthier.

12. You should remove accent/throw rugs because the rugs are actually made from a toxic chemical that might be fatal called antimony. Also they collect dirt, allergies and dust mites that can lead to health issues.

Source: http://www.healthylifeidea.com/12-cancer-causing-things-need-remove-bedroom-right-now/