Ladies, the first thing you need to know about her vagina is that it alone can take care of themselves! Many women do not know this but insist to have fun around your intimate areas and that usually bring more harm than good.

You need to know some basic rules about the care of your intimate parts and observe them. This is a list of the most common mistakes that most women says when it comes to intimate body part.

1. Forget about steam and steaming

Do you think that your vagina carpet but it needs some steaming? Just because she said that Gwyneth Paltrow, and she is an expert, it is necessary to listen to the right? So you need not just to receive advice from anyone, especially when it comes to your most intimate areas.

While we appreciate the opinion of Gwyneth Paltrow, though experts believe more and they agree – mating a big NO.

2. Self-treatment in any case is not the right thing As experts say, whenever you find a problem in your genital area and no matter how harmless it seems, always consult a gynecologist as soon as possible. Forget about vaginal creams or suppositories for infections, and especially do not believe that some natural remedies that you read on the Internet.

3.Applying non sterile foreign objects is not at all a good idea if you are sexually active, we believe that you know very well what goes into the vagina and what is not. You are allowed to put tampons, fingers, sex toys, penis, lubricant, menstrual cups and nothing more. Experimenting leave for other parts of the body and your vagina bypass.

4. With all that washing should stop as soon as possible Do you know how to actually vagina supposed to smell? No, this is not a tropical breeze or a flower, it has its own specific smell. Your vagina itself can be cleaned and does not need any help with that, and certainly an exaggeration rinsing.

There are many products in the markets for flushing but surely wonder how it is not a good thing. Well quite simply, they have something to sell, and it produces such an intimate area is easy to sell.

When you feel stomachs to refresh your intimate area, use the simplest method, a little soap and warm water, but only from the outside and nowhere else, and with that do not have to overdo it.