One of the most important body parts that should be kept clean, warm and safe all the time is the human foot.

And with the help of an onion you can detoxify your entire body, and in this article you will read about that practical and really effective method.

Onion is really effective when it comes to detoxifying the body because it increases the blood circulation and it has antibacterial properties. When it penetrates into the bloodstream, it will purify the blood.

Here is what you will need to do:

Start with cutting the onion on slices and when the juice from them appears then you should place the slices on your feet and to wrap it with foil, and to put on socks. You should do this before going to bed and you should remove it in the next morning.

The best option is to use wool socks because that way you will not deal with any unpleasant odor and the foil will keep the coating steady and it will be tightly attached to your feet.

So place some onions on your feet and put on wool socks before you go to sleep. If you noticed that your skin is too sensitive to onions, then on your feet before placing the onions, you should apply almond oil or greasy cream.

You should take off the socks in the next morning as well as the onion. After that you will need to wash your feet with cold water and after that to put wool socks again in order to warm them, and that is when your blood will start to circulate fast.

This treatment is especially recommended to people that suffer from diabetes and poor circulation, but even healthy people should be free to use this treatment. It is also recommended if you have fever, flu or pneumonia to use this treatment.