Children love certain things a lot and one of those things are gummy candies. But they are not the only ones that enjoy these candies but also there are some adults that enjoy eating them a lot.

If you know that you consume too much of the gummy bears, gummy worms or peach rings and you still cannot resist them then after reading this article you will completely forget about them.

You will immediately change your opinion about the gummy candies after watching one short film that was filmed by AlinaKneepkens which is a Belgian filmmaker. In that film you have the opportunity not to only see how the production of these gummy candies looks like but to see every detail of that process.

The film starts with the finished product (the gummy candies) and you will immediately want to have some right next to you. But after watching the entire film you will immediately forget about them because later in the film all the facts about the production of these candies will be explained to you.

And even after watching this film you still cannot resist the gummy candies then you should replace them with healthier alternatives (produced with vegan gelatin substances) such as agar.

When you find out from what are actually made the gummy candies you will want to throw up. They are made of gelatin from the skin of the pigs. If that is not enough for you watch the film below!