Crystal Davis is the woman that wanted to see what will happen with her body if she starts drinking warm water with lemon and honey early in the mornings on empty stomach for 365 days.

Crystal Davis whenever had a cold or flu, she immediately purchased lemon and nectar drinks from the markets and she claims that that helped her a lot. Then she decided to try this experiment because drinking fresh lemon juice is healthier than the powdered one that you can buy from the markets. But since the taste of the lemons is not everyone’s favorite, if you dilute with water the taste will be different and everyone can easily drink it. So she started drinking warm water with lemon for one year each morning on empty stomach and at first she had doubts whether this drink will be beneficial as others were telling. But at the end she was really happy with the results because for that entire year she was without colds and flu and plus she was without stomach influenza or other sickness. She started taking this drink with her whenever she went. Plus she claims that with drinking this into the mornings you will be filled with energy and this can be your replacement for espresso.
How this woman prepared her drink?

She heated water until it reached the boiling point and waited for the water to cool down so the honey can be more beneficial. After that she added the freshly squeezed lemon juice and added the honey.

Here are the most known benefits of the warm water with lemon and honey:

1. Healthier and better-looking skin. Since the lemons can help in purifying the blood, your skin will look better. Plus this combination has strong antibacterial properties and it will protect your skin.

2. Really good against infections. As we mentioned this combination has strong antibacterial properties which are the reason why in the first place this drink is effective in this case. It will boost your immune system.

3. It can improve digestion. More bile will be produced with the help of lemon and that will improve the function of your stomach and you will be protected from many diseases. It helps in eliminating the dangerous toxins from the body as well.