Numerous people after eating lay down to get some rest and they are not aware of how bad that is for their health. That is why in this article you will read about the 5 things that you should never do after eating.

1. Taking a shower immediately after your meals is really bad because if you take a shower after having a meal your blood flow in the legs and hands will be increased and this means that the blood flow in the stomach will be reduced and this will end up with stomach pain because it will make your digestive system weaker.

2. Eating fruit right after your meals is also a bad habit. You should always have your fruit before your meal on empty stomach because different enzymes are needed for the digestion of the fruits. And the sugar in the fruits needs a longer period of time to be absorbed and if you eat fruits after a meal you will end up dealing with burping, heartburn and indigestion.

3. Drinking tea after your meals is another bad habit. This is bad because it can trouble the absorption of iron in the body. The tannic acid in tea can bind with the protein and iron in the food we consume and in 87% of the cases according to studies it results in lower absorption of iron and iron deficiency can further lead to weakness, cold hands and feet, chest pain, extreme fatigue, poor appetite, dizziness and anemia.

4. Smoking is a bad habit in general and it is especially bad if you are lighting up a cigarette right after your meals. Some people especially enjoy a cigarette after the meals but that is really bad thing. You should try to quit smoking but if you still can’t you should wait a couple of hours after your meals to light up a cigarette because if you smoke right after your meal, the nicotine will bind to the excess oxygen that is needed for digestion and this way the body will absorb more carcinogens than usual. This is also significantly increasing your risk of bowel and lung cancer.

5. If you sleep right after your meals there is a big chance that you are dealing with bloating and discomfort. According to a study that took place at the University ofIoannina Medical School, people that waited a few hours to sleep after their meal had lower risk of stroke.