Saffron can be of a great help to solve the problem with vision loss and this was discovered by Italian researchers.

The main cause of the blindness is macular degeneration and this is linked with aging. Responsible for the visual field is the macula which can be found in the center of the eye and in the people that are old, or young healthy people that their visual field center is interrupted, their macula will degenerate.

Experiencing this will not make you lose your vision immediately but it goes gradually and at first you will start having wavy and blurry vision. The factors that can contribute to this are usually genetics and smoking.

With this ingredient you can improve your vision by unbelievable 97%. You can add it into your meals or coffee.

This Indian food can help you in solving your problems with vision and plus it will help in prevention of the same problems.

For the research, the participants received 20 milligrams of saffron daily for 3 months and during that period they were being tested. The people that had early macular degeneration had big improvements after those 3 months of consuming saffron daily. Since the sight is linked with the nervous system, the saffron avoids ocular disorders especially when there is macular degeneration. Besides the antioxidant properties of saffron it will also increase the flow of oxygen in the entire body and that will help in prevention of cell death. The functions of the blood vessels of the eyes and retina will be improved due to the safranal content in saffron and that will reduce the degeneration process.

All you will need to do if you want to protect your vision is a cup of saffron on a daily basis. Your eyes will be thankful for doing that.