Every problem has a solution and that is especially true when it comes to boiled eggs. In this article you will read how to make your lifie easier by following one simple trick. Many people are getting nervous when they can’t peel egg easy and everyone experienced a situation where one egg can be peeled without problem and the very next one will take ages until you peel it off and the most interesting part is that both of those eggs are from the same box. According to experts the eggs are perfect for cooking and easiest to peel when they are 7 to 10 days old. But in order to never experience the situation we mentioned above you shuld just add one teaspoon of baking soda when you are cooking the eggs. Why baking soda? -Well older eggs aremore alkaline and the fresh eggs are the real opposite. The more alkaline the egg is, the easier is to peel it and that is why baking soda.

Here are other tricks for boiled eggs.

-To avoid cracking, you should heat the eggs before placing them in warm water. There are two wasy to do that and they are: you can either take them out of the fridge and to leave them to reach the room temperature or to eitherleave them in hot tap water for a few minutes.

-You need to dip the eggs into a warm water with the help of tablespoon and to measure the time if you want to get eggs with soft yolk. You will usually need around 3 minutes and it depends of the size of the egg.

-What can also make the process of peeling the eggs easier is if you put the eggs in cold water after boiling them.You can also place them in a warm water but you will need to add ice cubes in that water.

-If you do not know how old the eggs are but you want to find out, you should place them in a water and to notice their behavior. If they sink but stand vertically then it means that they are perfect for cooking. If they are come up to the surface they are old. If they sink on the side (horizontally) then it means that they are fresh.

-Put the eggs into cold water before you are going to boil them if you want to get hard boilied eggs and plus this will lower the chance for the eggs to crack.

-Before cooking an egg, shake it well if you want to get omlet in a shell.

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