Every person no matter how healthy a particularly ill should at least once a month to carry out daily cleaning of the body and here’s why

The cleaning should be primarily due to poor diet for years practiced thus creating huge amounts of harmful deposits in the digestive system that can both continue to expand and absorb into the body. Ingredients apple pectin and primarily will affect your digestion as a sponge, which will enter into your intestines to pick up harmful substances and deposits that are clustered there, and made a quick, painless and effective way out of the body.

For breakfast as soon as you get up drink a glass of apple juice without added sugar that you add the juice of half a fresh lemon squeezed. The best thing would be to make your own juice using a juicer with fresh apples. In the absence of You can use the purchase if it is 100% juice without additives. Juice drink sips of lukewarm and not all at once.

Two or three hours later eat two complete with apple peel. At lunchtime drink a tea made from the bark of the apple tea with the addition of two teaspoons of honey. One to two hours after that complete again eat 2-4 apples with the skin. In the afternoon, drink a glass of this juice of apples. For dinner, eat a plate of warm apple pulp (grated apples without peel) with the addition of tea 2 teaspoons of honey.

This completes your day disinfection primarily the digestive system and intestine and the entire organism. During the day cleaning consume do not need any other type of food or drink other than that specified. Apples are probably one of the most easily digestible food types in general. If you regularly spend the day cleaning primarily will recover your digestion. Regulated by the chair whether it is too rare or too common. This method is recommended for all people no matter how healthy they will provide the necessary methods of regeneration and cleaning your digestion, and blood throughout the body.

Method of apples is useful for problems with gout, rheumatism, arthritis, problems and diseases of the liver and kidneys, congestion of blood vessels, cleaning the blood and fat in it and in the treatment of eczema. Method of apples will positively affect your nervous system which is particularly interesting in recent times the acceleration of metabolism and losing weight.