Fat burning and discharge toxins are only a few of the many functions of the liver. What can trouble the function of the liver as well as many other organs are bad habits and poor nutrition. That is why you should have well balanced diet and to increase the consumption of healthy foods and to avoid using harmful ingredients in your kitchen.

In this article you are going to learn how to prepare yourself a natural beverage that has numerous benefits for the health, and some of them are:

-it will improve the health of your skin;
-it will purify the blood;
-it will strengthen your immune system;
-it acts as antioxidant;
-it can lower the cholesterol and blood sugar in the blood;
-it can prevent infection and inflammation;
-it can detoxify your body;
-it can repair the damage caused to your liver;
-it can boost your metabolism;
-it can be effective in the cases with cancer.

Get the following ingredients:

-200 ml of water;
-2 lemons;
-handful of parsley;
-1 cucumber.

Here is how to prepare it and how to use it:

In a blender, put all the above mentioned ingredients and mix them well until they are combined together.
Drink it once or twice every day for one month and after that make a break out of 2 weeks and after the break repeat the same process.

Source: http://fitmagazine365.com/index.php/2017/03/18/the-recipe-doctors-will-not-tell-you-your-liver-will-be-like-new-and-you-will-look-10-years-younger/