Garlic – a fantastic product, priceless useful features. This fantastic vegetables has antibacterial properties, cures many diseases, including various colds, atherosclerosis and kidney disease, strengthens capillaries and good adaptogen.

In Chinese medicine, garlic is used for a full recovery.

Taking a small clove of garlic, put it in his mouth and soaked with saliva, “walking” in the oral cavity. This procedure is done for 30 minutes in the morning, when in the mouth “dump”.
Sucking effect of garlic is really stunning. Saliva, together with useful nutritional substances get into the blood, cleans the blood vessels and lymphatics. Also, garlic strengthens the oral cavity and gums stop bleeding.

After the procedure, garlic should be spit out and brush my teeth. If, after brushing your teeth, smell, put in the mouth of a coffee bean, or a little parsley leaves. A few sips of milk will completely remove the smell of garlic breath.

Why put garlic in your mouth?

Garlic perfectly cleanses the blood
It stimulates the appetite
Protects against epidemic influenza and other respiratory diseases
Incredible strengthens immunity
Useful in anemia
Cures chronic bronchitis
Aids in kidney and bladder
Clean skin
If you find a problem to put a whole clove of garlic in your mouth, start with a quarter of cloves or smaller piece, and slowly increase the amount.
With this recipe I have not previously encountered. He is really very effective. I checked it on himself:

Since I was anemic for a while (a consequence of the aggressive course of chemotherapy), I used a lot of industrial preparations containing iron. So I lifted them and I began to suck garlic, every morning. After a month, I did a laboratory blood. Imagine my surprise when I realized that my hemoglobin 130 units before he was only 90!

I told this recipe for her friend, who each fall and spring begins with “donkey” cough. You know what I mean, coughing, barking like a dog, and you think that you will restore the soul. She began to suck the garlic and become a fan of this method, because the cough is gradually disappearing.

Her husband had kidney problems (I think he had a stone, I do not remember), in urine was blood. He began to suck the garlic, urine became clean, cleaned and skin.

Such cases is much healing. Persistent use of this prescription people achieve very good results.

Try it and you this way, and share their experiences, which will be valuable both for you and for all of our readers. Because knowledge is like love, multiply by dividing. Be healthy!