In just one month, she managed to grow her hair up to 6 inches. That sounds great right? What is her secret? Well it is quite simple. She managed to do that with the help of onions.

All she did was that she increased the intake of onions in her diet and applying juice from the onions on the scalp. Increasing the intake of onions will support the effort from inside. And she squeezed the juice out of grated onions and she applied the juice on her scalp with gently massages with the tip of her fingers for around 5 to 6 minutes. She even applied the juice of the onions all over her hair (from the root to the tip) and she left it there for about half an hour so it can act. At the end she just washed her hair but she left the foam from shampoo on her hair for about 5 minutes.

She washed her hair that way because of the smell of the onion. She did it three times each week and she is really amazed by the results that she received.

Will you try her secret?