When people see some unusual creature in their home, they are of course going to freak out. When people see them, they explain the situations as in the low budge science fiction movies.

Example for that is the New Guinea flatworm. It has dark colored upper body and an orange stripe down the center of their backs. They have foul taste and because of that they do not have natural predators. They were first seen in Miami, Florida and they were investigated by the local agriculture and wildfire officials.

These worms can be really dangerous even though they might look harmless. They can eat mice and rats and they transmit lungworm infections that humans can easily get infected with if they are exposed to any air particles that have been contaminated by the rodent droppings.

They can also be dangerous of humans because of the vomiting, because the vomit releases toxins that can corrode our skin. According to Florida wildfire official, these worms are now present in United States because of the shipment of international goods (as many other predators).

In this article you will have the opportunity to watch a video about these worms, in case you want to learn more about them. Watch the video below, and remember to share it with your friends and family, especially with the ones that are planning to travel to Florida.


Source: http://fitandhealthy24.com/2017/03/28/see-one-slugs-inside-house-dial-911-immediately/