What can have negative influence with the behavior of the family members is negative energy at home. All the emotions, thoughts and feelings emit certain type of energy and they can ‘affect’ other energies. In order to remove the negative energy from your home you can try the trick that we are going to show you in this article.

But first you should learn how to notice if there are negative energies in your home. And that is quite simple. If there is no harmony and everyone are unlucky, restless and anxious you should try this:

Cover 1/3 of a totally transparent glass or vessel with sea salt and 2/3 of the glass should be filled with organic apple cider vinegar or white vinegar. The remaining third should be covered with pure water. This glass should be placed wherever you believe that there is presence of the negative energies and to let it stay there for one entire day without touching and moving it.

And in the next day, you should pay attention to the glass. If there are no changes then it means that there is no presence of negative energy in your home, but if there are changes like smudged colors, the glass if gasified or it is dyed green, then it indicates that there are negative energies in your home. And if you notice that, then you will need to flush the liquid from the glass into the toilet and to wash the same glass well and to do the same process all over again, and to keep repeating it until the negative energy is completely gone.

Source: http://unknownremedy.com/2017/01/03/negative-energies/