In almost any kitchen you can find the spice laurel, but not everyone are familiar with the benefits of these leaves.

You can obtain many benefits out of laurel leaves such as:

-increasing intellectual pastime in widespread;
-it can boost your immune system;
-it can be effective in treating varicose veins and joint pains;
-it can cleanse the colon;
-it can increase and stimulate the process of sweating.

Get the following ingredients:

-250 ml of olive oil;
-30 grams of bay leaves.

Here is what you should do:

Start with mashing the bay leaves and after that pour the olive oil over the mashed leaves. In a pitcher bottle transfer the mixture and close it and secure it and for 2 weeks it should be placed in a dark and funky area. From time to time you will need to shake the bottle. And 2 weeks with cheesecloth, pressure the oil and transfer the liquid in another container with keeping the laurel oil in a cold area.

What you can treat with this?

-You can solve the problem with pores and skin issues on your face;
-you can treat ear problems and migraine;
-it will improve the urge for food;
-it is great lotion for pimples and zits;
-it can be used to lower the temperature which means you should forget about medications;
-it is effective in treating acne;
-it can solve the problem with excessive headaches with only rubbing it down on the temples;
-you can treat joint pain with rubbing a little bit of the oil on the joints but previously you should warm it a little bit.