While growing up, almost every kid hates it when his/hers mother is forcing them to do the homework, to clean the room, and to focus on the future. Have you been treated like that while growing up? The strict mothers maybe will make their children to seem like they are living in hell but after a while those children will thank their mothers because she only wanted them to grown in a strong and successful person. Many experts believe that strict mothers have more successful children.

Professor at the University of Essex, Erica Rascon, made a study where she tested if that is true, that strict mother have more successful children and if the successful people really had strict parents. The study was made on more than 15 000 children that were on the age 13 and 14 on a period of time between 2004 and 2010.

According to Erica, in this study, the measure of the expectations reflects on a combination of beliefs and aspirations about the chance of getting higher education declared by the majority of the parents and in most cases it was the moms.

The results proved that strict mothers really do have more successful children. It showed that the daughters that had nagging and persistent moms have 4% lower chances of getting pregnant too early in their life. Also children that had those kinds of mothers had a higher change of finishing collage and getting a nice job.

While growing up, those children might see their strict mothers as an enemy and that the mothers look like they hate their children, which is completely the opposite of that. When you become adult, you are going to be thankful for your mother being that way, when you were growing up. You will understand that she did everything right to raise you up being the good and successful human being and you will maybe even do the same with your children when you have them.

Source: http://www.healthylifeidea.com/strict-mothers-successful-children/