Many women are dealing with gray hair, and they are trying everything to solve their problem with that. Gray hair is maybe the first sign of aging and because of that there is nothing you can do to stop aging, but you can sure do something to ‘’hide’’ the signs. Today there are many products that claim that they will solve the problem with gray hair, and maybe they will but for only limited time and they can come along with side-effects because they contain toxins and chemicals.

Besides aging, many health conditions can be the reason for the gray hair. For example gray hair might appear due to smoking, stress, chronic colds, thyroid disorders, sinusitis, pollution and usage of hair products.

That is why you should replace those products with a healthier alternative that is not only cheaper and safer, but it will give you even better results.

With the help of lemon and coconut oil you can say goodbye to gray hair. Lemon contains vitamin C, vitamin B and phosphorus that are nourishing the hair and that can help you with the cases with gray hair. And the coconut oil will promote hair growth and as well it will strengthen it. It can treat damaged hair and it can reverse gray hair.

Get the following ingredients:

-3 teaspoons of organic lemon juice (freshly squeezed);
-organic coconut oil (the amount depends on the length of the hair).

Here is what you should do:

Until you receive homogenous mixture, mix both ingredients. After to your hair, apply the received mixture and massage your scalp with gently movements. After that you should leave it like that for around 60 minutes so it can act and after that with mild shampoo and water, wash it off. Do this once each week.