Bunions themselves are salt deposits. Their formation contribute: tonsillitis, flu, gout,
poor metabolism, rheumatic infections, malnutrition and long wearing uncomfortable obuće.Ljudi who have bunions very difficult to find appropriate footwear, calluses them, bother.
The operation of removing bunions is only a temporary solution. Traditional medicine has
effective means to solve this problem.

To start you need to cleanse the body of salt deposits.

One tablespoon izsitnjenog bay leaf cover with 300 ml of water and cook just 5 minutes.

Pour into a thermos bottle and leave it until the morning to rest.

Morning and drink during the day small sips.

This treatment is doing the 3 consecutive days, every night preparing a fresh drink.

Repeat for 7 days.

Do not be surprised if you have frequent need to urinate AZ. This is a sign that the
salt in the body began to dissolve. The result will feel after 10 days.