If you are born in January then you are handsome and beautiful, but you get bored easily. You enjoy dressing up and you need a lot of time to recover when you get hurt which means that you are very sensitive person.

If you are born in February then you are really smart and intelligent person. You are honest and real. You have personality that is constantly changing but usually you are quiet and shy but sexy. You are focused on finishing your goals and you enjoy making friends. You are very romantic person and you want to learn how to show more emotions.

If you are born in March then you are that type of person that can get angry easy. You are really kind and you are happy when someone returns the kindness. You have trouble with showing your emotions but you are great kisser.

If you are born in April then you always search for new information and you can make everyone around you happy and you can motivate them easily. You are outgoing person and everyone enjoys your company. You love music, travelling and sports. You are sexy but smart.

If you are born in May then you have great imagination and great physical strength and you love travelling, literature and arts. You do not want to be at home very often and you do not want to have many children. You are hardworking person that loves to dream but usually you suffer from sickness in the neck or in the ear.

If you are born in June then you probably have the best personality because you are great flirt and you enjoy making new friends and you have great taste in movies. You keep your secrets to yourself and you are really sensitive.

If you are born in July then people have trouble with understanding you. You are honest and you care about others. You get hurt easily and you judge people through observations. You have no problems with studying and you are hardworking person. You always brood about the old friends and the past.

If you are born in August then you enjoy taking risks and you have no self-control. You want to be loved and you enjoy listening to music. You have incredible imagination and you are mysterious and charming. You are independent and curious.

If you are born in September then you are attractive and you have strong mentality. You want to be in the center of attention but you are still friendly and you enjoy helping others. You are brave and you do not fear anything. You have many friends and you are emotional and you enjoy making love. You are adventurous and you want to explore the world.

If you are born in October then you have inner and physical beauty but you get angry very often. You get easily hurt but you recover fast. You are making new friends all the time and you are daydreamer. You are really smart and you do not want to control your emotions. You are really beautiful and sexy.

If you are born in November then you are passionate and loyal but you can be dangerous. You are very emotional and you meet new friends very easy and you are very social person. You do not fear anything and you can be on your own without problems.

If you are born in December then you ambitious and you have active mind. You have great debating skills and you are talkative person. You are active in games and interactions and you are influential in organizations.

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