Numerous people all around the world are suffering from pain in the knees. Many factors can contribute to knee pain such as overuse of the knees, having arthritis or injuries.

In order for the joints to function properly then need small amounts of fluid and if there is excessive amounts of the fluid it will lead to further problems such as swelling in the knee.

If you are already dealing with swollen knee, then you should use the natural remedies in order to treat it. You can try to treat your problem if it is not too serious. If you still have problems with your knees after using the natural remedies you should immediately visit a doctor because the cause of the problem might be something even worse.

You should try some of these treatments to solve your problems with knees:

-First of all you should try to stop smoking if you are smoker because smoking leads to reduced blood and oxygen flow.

-Every 10 minutes you should apply ice pack on the affected area in order to solve the problem with swelling.

-What can be really helpful here is leg elevation. You should elevate the affected leg in order to get the accumulated fluid distribute naturally in the knee cavity. You just need to place two pillows under that leg before going to sleep.

-You can try this recipe in order to relieve the knee pain and to solve the problem with water in the knee.

Get the following ingredients:

-1 tablespoon of salt;
-1 fresh egg yolk.

Here is what you will need to do:

Just mix both ingredients together and apply them directly on the affected area. With nylon or cellophane you should cove the area and with a bandage to secure it. Every two hours change the coating. Every day you will need around 5 coverings.