Gynexin the special male breast reduction formula contains a very powerful blend of ingredients and nutrients, all designed to banish the excess breast tissue quickly and effectively, without the need to go under the knife. It contains natural and pure ingredients so you can be certain you are taking a product that is free from any harmful pharmaceutical drugs that could possibly be detrimental to your health, while giving you the results you desire. And unlike some other manufacturers that are reluctant to tell you what is inside their products, Gynexin are proud to share the secret of their unique formula.

Here are some ingredients that consist of each Gynexin capsule and their benefits:


Chromium Picolinate is chromium combined with Picolinic acid and is very easy for the body to absorb. It is a very powerful supplement that many of us do not get enough of in our daily diets, leading us to feel lethargic and tired and even more prone to weight gain. This is why athletes promote the use of Chromium Picolinate to help maintain their weight. Chromium is said to help to lower cholesterol levels and helps reduce insulin resistance in diabetics.


Guggulsterones are taken from the Guggul tree (Commiphora Mukul) grown in the region of India. The sap from the Guggul tree has been used for centuries in alternative medicine to reat a wide range of ailments and tackles obesity. Research has shown that Guggulsterones help to regulate cholesterol levels keeping them in a steady and healthy range appropriate for what the human body needs. Guggulsterones help to turn the cholesterol into bile which assists the thyroid; this is what helps the liver to regulate the cholesterol. It possesses anti-inflammatory properties and has been shown that it may be of some use to osteoarthritis sufferers.

Theobromine Cacao

Themobromine is a type of alkaloid called methylxanthines which can be found naturally occurring in 60 different varieties of plants. It contains caffeine and has similar effects on the central nervous system although the amount is not thought to be addictive or cause any serious side effects. It is also known as Xantheose, is quite bitter to the taste and usually found in the cacao plant where chocolate comes from. You will find Theobromine in all types of chocolate, although the highest concentration is found in dark chocolate. It can lower blood pressure and dilate blood vessels; it is often used to treat heart failure to treat the build up fluid that can trigger heart failure. Theobromine also treats asthma; it can halt coughing attacks even more effectively than codeine as it relaxes the respiratory muscles.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea is packed to the brim of health benefits. Green tea is so called and different to other teas because it is not fermented before drinking. It can help to fight free radicals, help to lower cholesterol, control blood sugar, provide us with essential anti-oxidants, help to reduce the incidence of cardio-vascular diseases and even prevent specific kinds of cancers such as colon cancer. Arthritis sufferers are said to have a significant improvement in their symptoms as a result of drinking Green tea regularly.


Sclareolides are derived from a biennial herb known as Salvia Sclarea. It is commonly used to help increase testosterone and decrease oestrogen. It helps to shrink fat cells so is found frequently in various slimming and skin-firming products.