Top 15 Ways to Use the Space Under the Stairs

With stairs taking up so much room, you may wonder what to do with all of the extra space available under them. Here you will discover the best 15 options to fill that space!

1. Storage
For a unique idea, try adding slide out drawers. Not only will your clutter be hidden, but the drawers can also add a touch of art.
2. Dog Den
Underneath the stairs can be a perfect area for dogs! Pillows, toys, treats, and a door are all you need for this one.
3. Seating Area
A simple bench will work. However, you could add pillows, an ottoman, and a blanket for extra coziness.
4. Cupboard
Do you need extra space for kitchen appliances? With a little personal touch, this idea can easily be achieved.
5. Pantry
With a couple of shelves and an optional door, you gain extra storage for all of those cans, boxes, and jars currently cluttering your kitchen.
6. Bookshelf
For all of the book lovers, this is for you. A perfect size to show off your collection of books (or knick-knacks) is a stylish fashion.
7. Coat Closet
As a highly functional area for families, under the stairs can be the perfect size to hang up your coats and place your shoes as well.
8. Cubby Holes
This is perfect for families as well as anyone who may be busy and doesn’t want to forget anything before leaving the house.
9. Mini Bar
The type you choose is up to you. Whether you want coffee, tea, or liquor, this space can work for you.
10. Wine Storage
For a sophisticated look, just add some cross sections and this can be a perfect place to store all of those extra bottles.
11. Filing System
Do you have a filing system that could use an upgrade? This is a clever way to solve that. By adding a few drawers and cabinets, you can gain much needed room for your files.
12. Kids Play Area
For all of the parents reading this, this idea is for you. A little paint on the wall, some toys, and an optional curtain or door can turn this unused space into a play land.
13. Mini Office
If you can fit a small desk or table under your stairs, this is a unique idea for you. A perfect small space to keep you from getting distracted.
14. Reading Nook
Here’s another one for the book lovers. You just need a space to sit, somewhere to keep a few of your favorite books, and maybe a small table to keep a drink and it’s done.
15. Secret Room
Finally, make a “wall” that matches your house and add a hidden door (like a sliding one), and you now have a space to keep your secrets or your own hideout.

I’m sure you can find a creative way to use the space under your stairs. Whatever you choose to do, be creative and have fun!